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Rome and the Vatican- 
Guide 4 Pilgrims

A do-it-yourself pilgrim's guide.
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 "If you take one book to Rome, take this one!
If you want one book to help you through Rome and the Vatican, this is it.
Loaded with information from a spiritual and historical point of view.
Especially excellent for Catholic pilgrims. Full of pictures, facts,
detailed and pertinent information. It is in my pack on every trip."
Steve Ray
Catholic Convert, Apologist and Pilgrimage Leader 

Twelve convenient walking tours, with detailed maps.
More than 100 important pilgrim sites.
Almost 800 inspiring images.
Thousands of interesting Christian facts.

Experience the grandeur of Rome's art, architecture, history and -- above all -- faith. For the pilgrim, Rome bears witness to twenty tumultuous centuries of Christian history, like no other place. The Eternal City's abundance of sacred treasures can overwhelm, however, especially when so many tourist guides fail to focus on the faith. This is the indispensable Guide 4 Pilgrims on Rome and the Vatican. Whether traveling there or simply enjoying it from an armchair, pilgrims can experience the human drama that has always defined the Eternal City: from ancient emperors and martyrs, to Renaissance popes and artists, to the enduring legacy of Rome's architects and saints. Christianity has always demanded Rome's attention, just as the Eternal City has commanded the world's. Regardless of the passing of brutal emperors and empires, however, Rome confirms that the gates of Hell have not and shall not prevail against Christ's Church. 

"This book is at the top of my list
as one of the most comprehensive Catholic travel guides to Rome.
I especially love the stunning images, interesting facts about the saints
and our Catholic faith, as well as all of the travel tips included in this book.
I am taking this book with me on all 4 of my pilgrimages to Rome this year."
Teresa Tomeo
Catholic Radio & Television Host
Pilgrimage Leader to Rome & The Vatican for over 10 Years

Kenneth E. and Elizabeth H. Nowell
“Today, as a professional travel writer, I may have read more guidebooks than the Holy See has had popes. I can honestly say that this [book] goes above and beyond the call of guidebook duty. I wish it existed when I was in Rome….   Rome and the Vatican – Guide 4 Pilgrims is an essential companion. It could also easily be used creatively in history or religion classes, since the authors go back to the beginning, covering the major players in church history and notable places in Rome with the photographs to go with them…. [W]ith this book, you will see what most tourists miss and learn aspects of your faith you never knew.”
Luke Armstrong