The Trials and Triumph Trilogy:

Puppet masters control governments.
Tech titans control privacy.
Scientists control human life.
The dawn of the Shining Darkness has been foretold through saints...
along with God's climactic plan 
to end the evil
and reward the good.

A bizarre monastery death sets the world's political, 
economic and Spiritual forces on a collision course, 
careening to the climactic end of the Age.

The Rise is Book One of The Trials and Triumph Trilogy, 
epic thrillers that race around the world, 
through the tumultuous centuries of Christian history. 
This riveting fictional account was written in 2009, 
but reads like global news reports, 
ripped from the front pages of today's major newspapers.

Highly researched,
The Trials and Triumph trilogy is based on 
true but little-known prophecies of saints.