Jean S. Varnes reviewed The Rebellion
A Must Read 
Absolutely wonderful, right on. Every one should read this book. It hold's your interest till the end. A must read.!!!!

Joan E Holman reviewed The Return
Great read
This trilogy is fast-paced, exciting and most of all believable. I could not wait for the third book in the series and I am sorry that it's over! Good Job!

elle4pets reviewed The Rebellion
Great story using many facts
Smooth writing! Hard to put down! Had to read the whole series of three, wishing there were more books! Loved it

Monica reviewed The Return
This is the third book of a trilogy and was even better than the preceding two books. There is a twist near the end that I never anticipated but should have. Truly a trilogy that everyone should read!

Music lover "tom" reviewed The Rebellion [EDITED FOR LENGTH]
A Prophet of Our Times - A must read 
"The Rebellion" is Kenneth Nowell's second of three fictional novels that incredibly reads as if it is taken directly from today's world headlines....

For those of you seeking answers to what is happening to this world, who feel that something is definitely out of place... for those of you who read and follow Spiritdaily, Trunews or have enjoyed Mark Mallet's blogs, Michael O'Brien's novel "Father Elijah" or Compasse's epic Dominion 7 novel series; then this is a must have for every Christian out there!!!

This novel is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and will be a reference guide for all of us to understand the social, political and moral battles that are taking place right now. It is a book ultimately of hope and demonstrates that even in these most challenging of times, unsuspecting heroes and great acts of valor and love will emerge to confront the darkness we all now face.

I pray and beg of you to support this writer who I believe will one day be seen as important as C.S Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a page turner and both provokes and inspires you at every turn. I cannot wait for the third and final novel set for release this late summer of 2012!

debbie pryor reviewed The Return (The Trials and Triumph Trilogy) (Kindle Edition) 
Loved the series because it was catholic..and very well written..I have told many friends about this!! EXCELLENT catholic teaching for change.

B. Bowen (Arkansas) - reviewed The Rise (The Trials and Triumph Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)
Well worth reading 

I so enjoyed this book and plan on buying the other 2 in the series. Almost read the exact same thing happening in the news. I loved how there was tagged footnotes where you could go back and forth to them and then back to reading. If you like a thriller with a modern mystery and like the Left Behind series, then you really need to read this series as well.

Miriambird reviewed The Return [EDITED FOR LENGTH]
I smiled and grabbed my "Rosaly"...(read it and you'll understand) 
Sometimes one experiences a sense of loss or sadness after having completed a particularly good or meaningful book. Not with this one. Finishing this trilogy, for me, was just the beginning of a renewed interest in the Old Testament, Revelation, and the Biblical roots of the Universal Church....

There are two reasons the end of this Trilogy is a beginning for me. Though I did look to the footnotes throughout, it was really more of a cursory glance. Now, I have a hunger to return to The Rise and read the Trilogy straight through with a more exhaustive look at the footnotes, most of which are the Bible. Some of the footnotes are works by modern authors, and I also intend to get some of those books.

I guess I could say more, but really I think the best thing about this book was this: I read the last few pages with a smile on my face, as if I was reading a bit of incredibly good news. After putting it down, I immediately grabbed my Rosary and have prayed it daily since.

Thomas B. Forbes "tbfhimself" reviewed The Return
End Times thriller  
One of the few times I've read straight through a trilogy. This one comes at the End Times from a Catholic perspective. The first book of the trilogy builds at a steady pace with one surprise following another. All the plot lines hang together and build on each other. All the major private revelations play a part. This is the first novel with footnotes that are worth reading too.

I did feel the third book had perhaps too much happening but great action. And there is no Rapture! I always thought no one gets out Scott free at the End! This is a great, hopeful read and of course the Good Guys win! How could it be otherwise.

BGH reviewed The Return
A believable and chilling read!
Ken Nowell has written another fast moving mystery that combines the little known prophecies of century old saints while staying true to end time Bible prophecies. This third book in the trilogy comes together with all the evil of the times and it is spine chilling and imaginative and makes the future a horrific atmosphere for Satan to triumph. Nowell offers a real glimpse into heaven and into hell. To see the great end of the Return is to see Hope. It is more than you can imagine. We will all have to choose. The Return will beg the question.

Joan E Holman reviewed The Rise
I love this book and I immediately downloaded the second in the trilogy. Now, where is the third???? I absolutely cannot wait and I check daily for the release. It is fast-paced and relevant and packed with the most intriguing characters.

Andrea reviewed The Rise
Couldn't put it down! 
This was one of the best books I have ever read. A great read, and I enjoyed all the footnotes. I read the Return and can't wait for the final book. I highly recommend.

Nancy M. Borisov  reviewed The Rise
Could not put it down!!!!
I was amazed at the amount of research that Mr. Nowell put into this book! It seems so real and made me think about our world today- how this could happen . Great story. Can't wait for the next two!!!!!

Jody Rakis reviewed The Rise [EDITED FOR LENGTH]
The Rise will raise your interest! 
Kenneth E. Nowell writes a very compelling story. It is strong, and follows the story line of good vs. evil....

The author does an excellent job with footnotes and references, which makes it easy to check on text that you might want to understand more fully or learn more about. Yet this in no way takes away from the flow of the story. I felt the book was very well written. Areas that were beyond my technical knowledge were detailed, yet very understandable and believable. I was inspired by, and enjoyed, the words of the apostle John and how they were so well chosen for the situation.

A great deal of the book is about faith in God and how we live our lives.... The sins of power and ambition are very strong as demonstrated by several characters.... The suspense part of the book, the underlying story, is very cleverly written and evil is almost detailed as much as good. The writer does an excellent job with incorporating content that is faith-based and inspirational, and then also does an excellent job of writing about the power of sin and its influence in the world. It's almost two different extremes.

BGH reviewed The Rise
A Rare Read
Be prepared if you start The Rise that you have time to finish is my advice. Once I began I could not put down the book and this is rare for me. It is suspenseful and a mystery. Ken Nowell uses a weaving of time and characters that creates a dramatic read. For you Bible scholars that are familiar with the book of Revelations you will be amazed at how quickly and easily our world slips into the abyss of the changes foretold.

The bizarre prophecies become alive, explainable and commonplace in the sinister world and anti-social characters that jump off the pages of this book. However, conversely there is also hope and this is one of the surprises of the book that I will not share. You will have to read the book yourself. The Rise will not disappoint.

Nancy M. Borisov  reviewed The Rebellion
Prophet in the making???!!!
Such realism and an intriguing and highly thought-provoking book. This book made me want to learn more about End of Times prophesies. However, Mr. Nowell pretty much covers them all. CAN NOT WAIT FOR "The Return."

Jody Rakis reviewed The Rebellion [EDITED FOR LENGTH]
The Rebellion - so true in today's world!
The author writes a very suspenseful story of evil and the rebellion that we read about in the paper every day. His events could be real and going on without us realizing it, like in the book. He leads us through Satan's plan to corrupt the world, each one of us, and how he is able to do that even though we know better. His characters are real, good vs. evil. There is the story of love that is real, hate and evil that are very strong, and faith that is everlasting. And while, in this second book, evil is getting ahead of the good, the good are there keeping their faith, leading and using all of God's blessings and miracles to keep going. Book three is a "must read"!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, every page, every footnote. Actually, I think I looked at every footnote in the book and there are many of them. But they correlate so well with the action in the story that it almost takes away the fiction. Some prophecies I had not heard, and they added to the suspense of the story and to my thought on life. Read and enjoy!

S. Ficks reviewed The Rebellion
Fun read
A catholic novel of the end times with a number of interesting twists. Very enjoyable, fun read. The footnote section adds to the novel by providing some background for the book. read the first two novels, hope the third is soon.

ministryvalues reviewed The Rebellion
Immediately Entertaining
book/author has a great engine. fearless and ambitious when it comes to taking on big concepts. Author keeps the suspense moving.. Book had me turning pages anxious to see what happens when the three days of darkness comes.

It is a fast paced trip around the world with surprises and shocks all along the way. I like the jet setting.. the books takes the reader around the world and back -in a hurry.

Hugo reviewed The Rise
This sets the bar height for Catholic fiction
Finding good Catholic fiction is the proverbial "needle in the haystack", but this book is a gem. What a great combination of current events, solid mysticism, orthodox Catholicism and suspense. The story lines are fresh and parallel to christian concern in this country today. The author's theology is of the eternal Church and this is not a flaky new age "I love my crystal" type. I highly anticipate the next two books.